Just like Pied Piper
Orange is the new black
For reasons unknown, this dude had a bag of oranges during a metal concert. So he sat on this fellow's shoulders and threw some oranges around much to the crowd's satisfaction
Meet Thrasher Smith and Mandos Bauglir
They host a show called Maldito Metal Colombiano on Youtube
I guess someone needs a new shirt
Lucha Libre + Destruction
Match made in heaven
The guys from UADA came all the way from Portland to play in Medellín so we went out for a downtown night walk
That guy on the left
We've all been that guy
Victoria Donovann
Smile like you mean it
That's Jimmy, he sings in Sauthenerom
Dreadlocks, Corpse Paint and Headset
There's a lot goin' on here
Roman's got a new friend
Roman and I chatted for over an hour at Parque Poblado. Despite being called "park" the place is actually a square. In fact, every park in Colombia is a square. Lesson learned. When we were done talking, we crossed the street to make a few portraits and that guy in the back started to photobomb his way in. He was watching cars in the area and was high on something. He came closer and closer and eventually hugged Roman and I took some photos. Before leaving, Roman bought the man a sandwich.
Shafthiel Ashbell
This Darth Maul looking dude plays bass in the band Nebiros
Makeup on
That's Incubus, drummer for Inquisition, getting ready for the show
A little air guitar never hurt nobody
Plus, the dude is super into it
Tailor Shop at the western part of Medellín
I swear I didn't do it
The tour manager
Adriana is the tour manager for the South American leg of Inquisition's tour. She was also in charge of sales at the merch booth that night in Medellín. When the concert ended, she worked with the male-only crew to disassemble the stage. She is from Cali, the same hometown as Dagon, the singer. Adriana accomplished a lot that night. Adriana rocks.
Frontman from Inquisition
Inquisition concert
View from Hospital Metro station
Raising the Herpes flag
We all have a cause to fight for
What a delightful smile
I really dig this guy's vibe
The Devil arrives to collect his debt
Metal head
Quite literally, a metal head
When 666 is just not enough anymore
Pamela from Mordaz
She's a true guitar hero and the guy on the left knows it
Looks that kill
That's a sinister look, boy
Wild jump
Some love being shared
These folks were having the best of times while Test were playing
João Kombi from Test
Brazillian band Test killin' in Medellín at the El Sub bar
Barata stretching
Test's drummer Barata getting ready to unleash hell
Yellow Submarine + Astaroth
This is one of the rarest vinyl recordings in Medellín. It is called "Guerra de Metal" by the band Astaroth, and only 500 copies were printed. Right next to it, a Beatles Yellow Submarine lunchbox. Colombia, land of contrasts.
Texting after rehearsal
A little air guitar never killed nobody
I was at Throne Studios shooting a band, and then out of nowhere, this guy comes along. I had no idea who he was, but he seemed to know that group very well because he air guitared their songs to perfection. He was so drunk I don't think he noticed me even though I was standing right in front of him. An hour later I realized he was the singer for Beelzebul because Anibal, the studio owner, and Beelzebul's guitar player wanted to show me the band performing. They tried to start the song a good 20 times, but the singer just wouldn't let go ahead. He kept insisting the drummer was out of tempo, and then it was the bass player and finally the guitar. I heard about sixty seconds of a song intro repeated twenty times before heading back home.
@Villamil Ossian Bar
Roman Gonzalez
Peru-born, Medellín based since the age of 15, Roman Gonzalez has been around the block. He played in many metal and punk bands and owns probably the biggest memorabilia collection in town. He was referred to me as "The Professor." Turns out he actually is a professor at a public university. We hit it off right from the start. We bonded over our shared love for Sepultura, and he told me about the time he met Max Cavalera at the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise. In his hands, a picture of his old band Skullcrusher.
Old School metal dude
This is the man behind the very first lecture on the Life and Work of King Diamond in Medellín. Perhaps in the world. I went there and had a great time. I wrote about the experience here
Julio Moreno
King Diamond Connoisseur
Robinson Deathammer
Demonic Possesion's drummer during rehearsal
Demonic Possession
@Hard Rock Café Medellín
Arley from Sin and Grace
Warming up before hitting the stage
Darkthrone fan
Sin and Grace
@Hard Rock Café Medellín
Sin and Grace
@Hard Rock Café Medellín
Long trip
This kid traveled 10 hours from his hometown to spend the weekend in Medellín.

He had two goals: give a copy of his band's demo to as many people as he could and attend a concert that night. He talked for a while with Roger, the store owner, about local bands and before leaving asked if Roger would be so kind to take a picture with him.

They went outside and the kid's girlfriend used her phone to shoot them while they put their devil horns in the air and showed their tongues

El rock de Medellín és una chimba
Google "Chimba"
Roger from Vinilos Rock
Roger is the owner of Vinilos Rock, one of the very few metal records shops in Medellín. His store is located in a mall right next to the subway station in the central part of town. It's an old building sparsely occupated by some stores ranging from fried chicken restaurants to lan houses. There are 3 floors there and the higher you go, the less open shops you'll find. Vinilos is located on the 3rd floor right next to an underwear place. A lot of rental signs around there.

Vinilos is quite well known in Colombia. There are two other branches: one in Bogotá and another in Cali. Roger even has a third one in Ecuador. Well, actually he only owns this one in the picture, the others are running on franchising fashion so every year those guys pay him some money for the right to use his brand.

Satanic Warmaster concert
@Teatro Matacandelas
Demonic Possession
I mean, the band name is Demonic Possession. It's not like the guys is being possessed by a demon
Guitar player in Beelzebul
Voodoo @Hard Rock Café Medellín
Tuesday night, Battle of the Bands at Hard Rock Café. Voodoo was the first band to hit the stage, much to those guys in the back surprise. Probably all they were looking for was a quiet dinner among friends. Ivan, the Spanish lead singer is quite a frontman and also a well-known character in Medellín's metal scene 'cause he sings in a lot of bands.
Up the Irons!
I kid you not: Wasted Years started blasting at the very moment I took this picture
Dorsal Atlântica fan
Victor Raúl Jaramillo and Minea
Lead singer and founder of Reencarnación, one of the most influential metal bands in Colombia. To the right, his dog Minea not very keen on our conversation
Villamil's 10th anniversary party
The place was packed and they even set up a tent like a VIP area
Roman's garage
Leaving Throne Studios
Outside Villamil Ossian Bar
Villamil Ossian Bar
Headbanging at Satanic Warmaster's concert
@Teatro Matacandelas